Best Mattress for Bad Back

The human back is a complex structure comprised of the spinal column and bone structure cushioned by cartilage spinal disks, and a composition of muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  • Back pain is a common affliction manifest as tension and pain in the upper, mid or lower back, neck or shoulders.
  • Besides strain from work, and diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, the most common cause for back pain is bad sleep posture and a sleeping surface with poor support.
  • Selecting the best mattress to buy for remedying back pain can be a daunting task considering the many brand names available for mattresses.

The three important considerations for buying the best mattress for bad back are:

  1. the level of supportiveness to the body’s weight;
  2. conformity to the body’s contours;
  3. and firmness.

Supportiveness is essential to maintain the body on a level plane during sleep, while conformability as opposed to firmness is preferable to avoid uneven support or excessive pressure on the shoulders and lower spine from an unnaturally flat sleeping position.

Except Casper mattress (Casper promo code link) we will discuss three other best mattresses.

Innerspring box mattresses, waterbeds and futon mattresses as well as thin mattresses have questionable utility for relieving back pain owing to their tendency to sag over time, undermining their supportiveness. Medium firmness is preferable to provide adequate support while allowing pressure point relief for comfort. Memory foam, latex foam and air mattresses are the best for minimizing sleep discomfort and preventing back pain.

Mattresses for bad backs

1. The Ultimate Dreams King Latex Foam Mattress

The Ultimate Dreams King Latex Foam Mattress for bad back

Latex beds have a moderate conformity to body contours and tend to be firm although soft varieties are available. The Ultimate Dreams King latex mattress by Eurotop is a durable mattress that incorporates several layers of Talalay latex foam with varying density for perfect body support without compromising on comfort.

The 12-inch thick Ultimate Dreams King mattress incorporates an eight-inch thick latex foam base, a 1.5 inch thick zipper cover and a three-inch thick latex memory foam that provides a higher conformity to the body’s contours compared to conventional latex mattresses. Latex mattresses have the extra advantage of being resistant to mites, bugs and microbes. A top owner complaint with latex foam mattresses is excessive firmness and a tendency to retain excessive body heat that can cause discomfort during sleep. One of the best mattresses for those who have bad back.

2. The Brentwood Gel-Infused High-Density Memory Foam Mattress

The Ultimate Dreams King Latex Foam Mattress for back problems

Memory foam mattresses are better than conventional high-density foam mattresses in reducing and preventing bad back pains. Memory foam mattresses do not develop problems with loss of support through sagging or excessive softness, and provide good conformability especially for memory foam mattresses with a higher-density gel.

The Brentwood Gel-Infused high-density memory foam mattress is 13 inches thick and composed of multiple layers of layers of foam with a base layer that allows air to flow through as well as allowing the mattress to be rolled up for storage and movement.

In addition to the innovative ventilated foam design of the Brentwood Gel-Infused mattress, dispersed gel micro particles inside the gel-infused top layer of foam allows for additional air flow within the foam and prevents the body from overheating while sleeping on the mattress.

3. SoundAsleep Dream Series Airbed Matress

The Ultimate Dreams King Latex Foam Mattress for bad back pain

Airbed mattresses are the best for effectively reducing and preventing back pain. Compared to other types of beds, air mattresses have fewer problems with sagging and have a higher adjustability by varying air pressure. The level of support for air mattresses is excellent and the multiple air chambers comprising such mattresses provides good conformability while allowing for adjustable firmness to suit ones sleeping position and comfort preferences (also great for bad back).

The SoundAsleep Dream Series mattress with a raised pillow rest comes in a range of options for 12-inch air mattresses with electric air pump and coil technology to keep one’s sleep cool or warm and comfortable. The electric pump and coil technology comes in handy for automating the pressure, air-flow and temperature of the bed to ensure comfortable sleep in the user’s preferred body position. Don't forget to use this mattress coupons to save on your online purchase.